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Essential Las Vegas Attractions Map

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If you’re looking to explore the top sights in Las Vegas, our Las Vegas attractions map is your ultimate guide. This map to Las Vegas includes the best hotels to visit in Las Vegas, the best places to go near Las Vegas, and the most unique experience you can only have in Las Vegas! 

Las Vegas skyline at dusk

Las Vegas Attractions Map

Las Vegas is one of the most iconic cities in America. It’s known for wild parties and extravagance. It’s a popular spot for weddings and bachelor parties. Las Vegas is glitz and glam, shopping, and dining. It’s America at its wildest. You’ll find the best places to enjoy these activities on this Las Vegas strip map. 

The Las Vegas ‘Strip’ is a section of South Las Vegas Boulevard that is lined by the newest and most luxurious hotels. You may recognize names like the Bellagio, the Venetian, or the Cosmopolitan. We’ll discuss some of the Las Vegas tourist attractions you can find on the strip. 

Las Vegas, the High Roller

Although, there’s much more to Las Vegas than partying, gambling and shopping. Some of the lesser-known things to do in Las Vegas include hiking and mountain biking. This map includes Las Vegas points of interest like national parks worth exploring if you’re visiting Vegas.

Las Vegas Attractions Map

These Las Vegas attractions include everything from nightlife and restaurants, museums and art installations, even national parks!

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Iconic Experiences in Las Vegas

This Las Vegas sightseeing map includes some of the best tourist attractions within Las Vegas and the surrounding area. Although, we wanted to start by talking about some of the exciting things to do in Las Vegas.

These fun places in Las Vegas listed below take you beyond the drinking, gambling, shopping, dining, or Instagram photography. These are the best places to go in Las Vegas to have a truly unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Helicopter Rice

Submission by Dave Chant, www.davechant.com
The casinos and hotels of the Strip are the quintessential image of Vegas. You’ll be in awe visiting the fountains of the Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, the Eiffel Tower, the opulent Wynn, the Italian styled Venetian complete with its own canal. These are the best tourist attractions in Las Vegas, no doubt. So, what’s the best way to view them?

Arguably the most amazing way to see them is from the sky in a helicopter. Several operators will whisk you up for a 15-minute flight over the neon-filled strip at night. It’s far too fast and you’ll be yearning for more but it will give you a taste of the artificial beauty and enormity of Vegas.

areal view of Las Vegas at night

Find out more about a Las Vegas VIP night helicopter flight. 

A helicopter flight is one of the fun things to do in Las Vegas Nevada. You’ll be picked up in a fancy car, and you’ll enjoy a glass of sparkling wine before you take off. Somehow, a trip to Vegas seems incomplete without this experience. 

helicopter airport in Las Vegas

Visiting the Gand Canyon is another one of the most popular things to do in Las Vegas. It’s much faster to visit the Grand Canyon by helicopter. Pop in for an hour, then return to civilization. Don’t waste your day driving! Visiting the grand canyon by helicopter is one of the most unforgettable activities around Las Vegas. 

Check out this epic Grand Canyon helicopter tour. 

Dig This

Dig This is another one of the cool places in Las Vegas. It’s a heavy equipment playground that runs for 5 acres. If you’ve ever wanted to control heavy machinery, this is the place to do it! 

At Dig This, you can choose from bulldozers, excavators, and forklifts. You can dig trenches or build mounds. Or, pick up and move 2,000 lb tires with a flick of your wrist. This adult-size sandbox is one of the most fun places to go in Las Vegas.

heavy machinery

Find out more about Dig This.

Operating heavy machinery may be one of the different things to do in Las Vegas, but it’s tons of fun (pun intended) for kids and adults alike. 

Dig This is one of the most unique top tourist attractions in Las Vegas. 


Since its inception, Las Vegas has been the place to go for the best music and entertainment. Throughout history, America’s rich and famous would flock to Vegas to stay in luxury and enjoy unique performances. 

In the 1950s, it was the lounge acts. Today, it’s where you’ll find the hottest DJs. From Elvis back in the day to Brittany Spears and the Backstreet Boys today… Vegas has always been the place to go for a good show, and seeing a show is one of the most popular things to do in Las Vegas.

couple at Avicii pool party at Encore Beach Club

You can find all kinds of performances in Sin City. Whether you prefer music, magic, theatre, circus, or erotic arts…there’s something for everyone! Seeing a show remains one of the best things to do in Las Vegas.

Vegas showgirls wearing white feathers

VEGAS! THE SHOW is one of the must-have tourist experiences. This show has it all – showgirls, Broadway singers, dancers, & more! It’s also a great way to learn more about the history of Las Vegas. VEGAS! THE SHOW is hosted at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Resort – one of the best places to see in Las Vegas.

Read reviews of VEGAS! THE SHOW. 

If you’ve ever considered going to a magic show, Las Vegas is the place to do this! Magic shows are famous in Las Vegas, and attending a magic show is one of the most interesting things to do in Las Vegas. 

Check out Masters of Magic at the Las Vegas Magic Theatre. 

Area 51

If you’ve ever seen an episode of History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, you’ve likely heard about Area 51. It’s true, we don’t know much about Area 51 besides that it’s a top-secret military air force base. 

Area 51 is one of the unique things to see in Las Vegas Nevada because it has become the subject of numerous conspiracy theories and legends regarding UFOs.

area 51 alien center

During your Area 51 adventure from Las Vegas, you’ll drive down the ‘Extraterrestrial Highway,’ and you’ll learn the unique history of Area 51. Highlights include a mutant Joshua Tree forest and the mysterious Dry Lake. You’ll also view petroglyphs and the legendary ‘Black Mailbox.’ These aren’t conventional places to visit, but they’re some of the most fun attractions in Las Vegas for the curious-minded. 

Find out more about this unforgettable Area 51 Tour.

petroglyphs in Nevada desert

An Area 51 Tour is something you must do in Las Vegas because you can’t do it anywhere else! It’s one of the most interesting and unique ways to experience sightseeing in Las Vegas Nevada. 

‘Old’ Vegas

If you take a look at this map of Las Vegas area, you’ll notice a collection of pins outside the Strip. Downtown Las Vegas is sometimes referred to as ‘Old Vegas.’ This is another one of the popular spots for sightseeing around Las Vegas. 

In the 1940s and 1940ss, the ‘Old Strip’ was where the hottest hotels were. Names like the Flamingo, Thunderbird, and Sahara were the best places in Las Vegas. Around that time, one of the popular attractions to see in Las Vegas were mushroom clouds from the nearby atomic testing site. 

Fremont Street at Night

Take this top-rated walking tour of Old Vegas.

In the 90s, modern and lavish new hotels were built on South Las Vegas boulevard. This became, ‘the Strip.’ It’s technically the new strip. Although, Old Vegas is still one of the places of interest in Las Vegas. As you can see on the detailed map of Las Vegas, there’s plenty of fun things to do in Old Vegas. 

Fremont Street

By Alanna Koritzke from Periodic Adventures
While the Strip is the most popular area of Las Vegas, some of the best places to visit around Las Vegas are on Fremont Street. This five-block covered pedestrian entertainment area is in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. Fremont Street itself was considered the first paved street in Las Vegas in 1925 and had the city’s first traffic light. So by visiting, you’ll experience a bit of Vegas history!

Fremont Street, Viva Vision, Las Vegas

Some of the best things to do in downtown Las Vegas including gambling, shopping, dining, and thrill rides. While the area has developed into a modern entertainment hub, classic elements of old Las Vegas remain such as the vibrant neon signs including the giant cowboy “Vegas Vic.”

Viva Vision lit up at night

Now, Fremont Street Experience has become one of the best free attractions in Las Vegas. Witness the free light show on the world’s largest video screen. It’s called Viva Vision and it’s completely free to enjoy! Featuring over 16 million pixels, this bad boy cost over $32 million just to upgrade! There’s a show on Viva Vision every 6 minutes every day of the week! This is one of the best things to see in Las Vegas. 

Another one of the epic Las Vegas area attractions at Fremont Street is the Slot Zilla Zipline. This experience lets you soar 11 stories high over 5 Las Vegas city blocks, and you’ll be right under Viva Vision! It’s one of the most unique zipline experiences in the world. 

Mob Museum

Visiting the Mob Museum is one of the unique things to do in Las Vegas. Learn more about America’s gruesome history of organized crime. View hundreds of artifacts, enjoy interactive displays and grab a drink at the downstairs speakeasy — these are some of the unconventional activities to do in Las Vegas.

The Mob Museum is one of the coolest Las Vegas area tourist attractions because it was built in a historic 1930s courthouse. Play around with the firearm training simulator, or learn about forensics in the crime lab. You’ll visit the prohibition era and then walk through history until you reach the present day. 

Click here to purchase an admission ticket.

While it’s not one of the most popular attractions, the Mob Museum is one of the coolest things to see and do in Las Vegas. 

Gold & Silver Pawn

If you’ve ever seen the History Channel’s Pawn Stars, you might have heard about the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. This is one of the ultimate Las Vegas sites and attractions (as seen on TV)!

It’s not every day you can visit somewhere that you’ve watched on TV. This is one of the most interesting places in Las Vegas to shop for collectibles, fine art, jewelry, and more! You can even shop for items that you’ve seen on the show. 

Gold and Silver Pawn Shop

Book the VIP Pawn Stars Experience. 

You can take a tour of the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, and meet Rick, Chumlee, or Corey. During the tour, you’ll get a chance to view rare and exclusive items. This is one of the top things to see in Las Vegas. 

Rick and Chumlee are known to frequent Pawn Plaza on Friday and Saturday nights. Stop by and get to know them. Meeting a celebrity is one of the best activities in Las Vegas! 

Neon Museum

By Kay from The Awkward Traveller
The Neon Museum is one of the Las Vegas main attractions because it is both flashy AND educational, just as any good Vegas experience should be. The Neon Museum is lovingly referred to as the Neon Graveyard because it houses old and retired neon signs from all of the iconic Vegas hotels and businesses

neon signs at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas

Some of the coolest exhibits in Las Vegas are displayed at the Neon Museum. It was founded in 1996 as a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting and preserving Las Vegas signs for educational, historic, and cultural enrichment. 

The self-guided walking tour will take you through the retired neon signs, explaining the history of Old Las Vegas and the founding of Sin City. From gangsters to outlaws, to the first woman mobster, you will learn how Vegas earned its international infamy. You’ll also explore the backstory of the iconic neon signs Las Vegas is most known for. This is one of the most interesting and fun activities in Las Vegas. 

woman at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas

If you want to visit, you should reserve tickets at least a few days in advance because they often sell out. But don’t worry! This is also one of the most cheap attractions in Las Vegas. You can also visit during their night tour to see the signs in all of their lit up neon glory. If you visit during the day, there isn’t much shade and it is entirely outside. Be sure to dress accordingly depending on the weather. 

Las Vegas Strip

This Las Vegas map includes some of the top places you won’t want to miss along the strip. These hotels on the strip are some of the best places to stay in Las Vegas. They are outrageously massive 5-star resorts. You can spend a whole day in one hotel if you lose track of time. 

Las Vegas Strip

If you stay at one of these hotels, you will be in the heart of the city. Although, you don’t need to stay at one of the hotels to enjoy the amenities. Much of the fun Las Vegas activities can be done on the strip, and that includes gambling, dining, shopping, and entertainment. 

One of the most fun things to do in Las Vegas is to walk the strip. Get a glimpse of each hotel, or take a cab to the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas Sign.’

Check out the best Las Vegas Strip Foodie Experience.

Las Vegas Strip

Read on to find out why these hotels are some of the top places to visit in Las Vegas. Plan your stroll down the strip using the Las Vegas strip attractions map above. 

The Bellagio

By Neha from Travelmelodies 
One of the best things to do in Las Vegas is visit the Bellagio Hotel. It’s an iconic hotel on the Las Vegas strip with a AAA Five Diamond rating. The Bellagio is the perfect place to stay and experience the comfort and luxury, or just stop by while Las Vegas sightseeing. 

Some of the top things to do in Las Vegas can be found at the Bellagio, including some of the best free Las Vegas attractions for adults. The most famous attraction is the Bellagio fountains.

Bellagio fountains at night

Book  a room at the Bellagio.

If you are wondering what to see in Las Vegas, the Bellagio fountains are a sight to behold! Watch the streams of water sway and swirl to the music. They make some beautiful patterns spread over a huge man-made lagoon. It is most magical and romantic to watch them at night. Getting around in Las Vegas and reaching the Bellagio is very convenient. 

There’s another fountain inside the hotel that will surely leave you drooling –the 27 feet ‘World’s Tallest Chocolate Fountain’. It was created by the pastry chef, and it’s one of the most delicious places to enjoy dessert in Las Vegas. 

Bellagio Fountain's by day

When you enter the Bellagio Hotel through the concierge, the colorful blown glass flowers at the ceiling will catch the eye. Walk towards the Bellagio Botanical Garden & Conservatory and be awestruck by the seasonal themed displays artistically made with flowers and plants. If you are an art lover, there are many interesting exhibitions at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art.

poolside at the Bellagio Hotel

The famous Cirque du Soleil show O is also hosted at the Bellagio Hotel. It’s one of the most mesmerizing performances in Las Vegas. O is a theatrical choreographed performance hosted on a state-of-the-art aquatic stage. The theme is inspired by the concept of infinity. World-renowned acrobats, divers, and swimmers are sure to amaze. 

The Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan Hotel is one of the most iconic places on the Las Vegas Strip. The Cosmo is most known for its Chandelier Bar, Marquee Nightclub, and an oversized instagrammable red stiletto (that you can fit inside). 

The Cosmo has been recommended by Conde Nast Traveler, named in the ‘Best of Las Vegas’ in 2018 and 2019. It’s no wonder that this is one of the top Las Vegas sites to see.

Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas

The Chandelier Bar is one of the coolest sites to see in Las Vegas, and it’s one of the most unique places to have a drink. Picture a lounge nestled within an art exhibit. This awesome cocktail lounge has three stories, each offering a unique view and experience. 

Chandelier Bar

The Cosmo Hotel is one of the best places to visit in Las Vegas for foodies. Grab a treat at the legendary Momofuku Milk Bar. Nurse your hangover with a comforting breakfast at EggSlut. Other restaurants include Wicked Spoon, Beauty & Essex, STK & more!

The Venetian

By Nikki from Attractions of America
One of the epic places on this Las Vegas strip hotel map is the Venetian Hotel. The Venetian Hotel is modeled after Venice, Italy, and is complete with actual canals. Within the Venetian Hotel, you’ll find awesome restaurants such as CHICA and Black Tap. Chica is a trendy Latin breakfast restaurant.

Black Tap is an American burger chain with outlandish milkshake creations. For dessert, grab a slice of heaven at Carlo’s Bakery (Carlo, as in Buddy Valastro, from TLC’s Cake Boss). This is one of the epic places to go in Las Vegas! 

Stay at the Venetian.

LOVE art instillation at the Venetian Hotel

The Venetian hotel is also famous for its instagrammable LOVE installation. This is one of the best Las Vegas attractions for couples. The word “Love” is spelled larger than life in bright bold letters. Make sure to stop for a photo here. 

Although, a Gondola Ride at the Venetian may be one of the most popular attractions and one of the most enticing Las Vegas strip activities. It is an interactive, mesmerizing, and enchanting ride down the Grand Canal. Romance is met at every corner. Let the sweet songs of Italy guide you through the experience, and cheers to vacation like no other.

gondola ride at the Venetian Hotel

This is an incredibly charming spot for any couple in Las Vegas. Not only is the ambiance of love already set by the authentic Italian scenery, but what better way to express love than through song? You’ll drift by charming balconies, lively cafes, and intricate bridges— it’s one of the best Las Vegas sights. 

The Gondola Ride at the Venetian has a variety of different options and prices. A regular gondola seats four people and is more affordable. A private gondola (for two) will be more pricey. 

gondola ride at the Venetian hotel

Click to view the best gondola ride combo ticket.

The outdoor gondola runs from 11:00 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. If you can’t make it till later, be sure to get there at least 15 minutes before closing! That is when the last boats are sent on their journey through the Venetian. So, don’t wonder where to go in Las Vegas for romance, just go to the Venetian Hotel! 

Stratosphere Hotel

By Pamela from The Directionally Challenged Traveler
The Stratosphere Hotel is where you’ll find some of the best attractions in Las Vegas. It’s an icon of Las Vegas. Inside, you’ll find all the essential casino offers and much more! It’s best known for the Stratosphere Tower. 

The Stratosphere Tower is the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States standing at an impressive 1,149 feet (350 meters). It’s one of the most impressive places to see in Las Vegas. For a small fee, you can take an elevator to SkyPod at the top of the Stratosphere. Visit for unforgettable 360 views of Las Vegas! 

Check rates at the Stratosphere Hotel.

View of Stratosphere Hotel from ground level, looking up

The Stratosphere Tower is also home to some of the best non-gambling things to do in Las Vegas. You can enjoy a delicious meal or cocktail while taking in the views on Level 108 & 109. This is one of the most unforgettable Las Vegas strip attractions. 

looking down from the top of the Stratosphere Hotel

For adrenaline junkies, head up to levels 109 and 112. Several rides are sure to get your heart racing. Shoot straight up in the air on the Big Shot, or spin at 3Gs while your feet dangle in the air, or ride on a roller coaster unlike any other on the X-Scream. If you’re truly brave, then head up to SkyJump.

ride at the Stratosphere Hotel

SkyJump currently holds the Guinness World Record as the highest commercial decelerator descent facility. To put it simply, it’s like a vertical zip line with an incredible view! These are some of the fun Las Vegas attractions for kids and adults. 

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

The Welcome to Las Vegas Sign is one of the best things to see in Las Vegas. Getting a photo here is one of the most fun Las Vegas strip activities. It’s a popular activity, so you’ll often find a line of people waiting their turn.

There’s usually someone willing to help take a photo in exchange for a small tip. If you aren’t the type to bring a tripod, take advantage of this opportunity! 

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign on South Las Vegas Boulevard

The ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign is a 15-minute walk from Mandalay Bay or a 30-minute walk from the MGM Grand. If you’re staying at the Bellagio or Venetian, you may want to take a cab. 

This iconic sign is more than just an instagrammable spot. It’s a national landmark! It was first put up in the 1960s. 

Outside of Las Vegas

The Las Vegas airport isn’t far from the Strip or downtown. If you plan to stay in Las Vegas proper, you can easily take cabs and Ubers to get around. Although, you should consider renting a car if you want to explore some of the tourist attractions around Las Vegas

There are so many incredible things to do near Las Vegas, especially parks and recreation. If you’re willing to drive a bit, you can go hiking, skiing, boating, or mountain biking. Nature and exercise offer a nice contrast to the gluttony and extravagance you’ll find downtown. 

Grand Canyon

Some of the best places to visit near Las Vegas include the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, Red Rocks National Conservation Area, and Valley of the Fire State Park. Other awesome attractions near Las Vegas include the Seven Magic Mountains, Death Valley National Park, and Area 51. 

Hoover Dam

By Kenny from Knycx Journeying
The Hoover Dam is one of the unique attractions outside of Las Vegas. It plays an important role in Las Vegas’ livelihood because it has been the main water source of the city since its completion in 1935. Located in a desert, there was a pressing need to have a reliable and stable water supply to cope with the development of the city.

The dam reserves fresh water in Lake Mead, a man-made reservoir formed by the Hoover Dam project. It also helps with flood control, provides irrigation, and produces hydroelectric power. The Hoover Sam is a modern marvel and one of the coolest things to see around Las Vegas.

Hoover Dam

Visit the Hoover Dam from Las Vegas.

The dam took a mere 4 years to build. It cost over one hundred lives during construction. Originally it was called the Boulder Dam, and renamed after President Herbert Hoover in 1947. Its unique history makes it one of the hot spots on this Las Vegas tourist map.

view of Hoover Dam

Today, the dam connects tourists in Las Vegas with the Grand Canyon West. It’s a popular stopover on route to one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. Visiting the Grand Canyon West is another one of the interesting things to do in and around Las Vegas. 

This architectural wonder is glorious – take a walk along the Bypass Bridge walkway and be stunned by the impressive 726 feet high curving cement façade. If you want to learn more about the dam, take a guided tour or visit the Hoover Dam Museum at the Boulder Dam Hotel. You can also go on a boat trip, or enjoy kayaking, fishing, and hiking at Lake Mead. 

Valley of the Fire State Park

By Allison from Eternal Arrival
One of the best attractions close to Las Vegas is Valley of Fire State Park. It’s only a short 45-minute drive away from the Vegas Strip. This amazing state park might as well be a national park for its beauty and impressiveness. Visiting here is one of the legendary things to do around Las Vegas. 

Check out this top-rated visit to Valley of the Fire.

Valley of the Fire State Park

There are myriad ways to explore the Valley of Fire from Vegas: the best-loved is by an overland jeep tour which shows you all of the highlights of the park while also getting to have some offroad fun! 

You may also consider a self-drive adventure as you have time to enjoy some of the best hikes in the park at your own pace. These include Rainbow Vista and the Fire Wave (which you may not have time for on a guided tour). 

Valley of the Fire State Park

There are also Native American petroglyphs within the park which demonstrate the long significance this region has held to the Indigenous people. Visiting the Valley of Fire is a must for landscape photographers, hikers, and those curious about Native American history alike. Also, it’s one of the best cheap things to do in Las Vegas. 

Red Rock Canyon

By Nicole from Go Far Grow Close 
Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is one of the awesome tourist attractions near Las Vegas. It’s a national park approximately 40 minutes drive from the Las Vegas strip. It is an easy drive, and you’ll be rewarded with spectacular natural beauty and endless hiking trails. 

Red Rock Canyon is one of the coolest places to see near Las Vegas. It lies in Nevada’s Mojave Desert. Accordingly, there are vast plains of beige sand, green cacti, and towering red sandstone peaks next to enormous brown limestone summits

couple at Red Rock Canyon

If you are staying at one of the hotels on the Las Vegas strip, rental cars are usually easy to find and inexpensive to acquire, even at the last minute. Do not take an Uber or Lyft as there is little to no cell phone service at Red Rock Canyon. You will have a hard time securing one to return to your hotel. 

Consider this Red Rock Canyon Hiking Tour. 

man sits on rock at Red Rock Canyon outside of Las Vegas

There is a gorgeous 13-mile one-way scenic drive through the park which you will want to drive. You’ll get to see the whole park as you pass by different hiking trails. Driving through Red Rock is one of the truly memorable things to do near Las Vegas Nevada. 

Along with the scenic drive and amazing hikes, Red Rock is one of the legendary Las Vegas tourist spots because there are ancient petroglyphs carved into the rocks by prehistoric people.

views from Red Rock Canyon scenic lookout

When considering to visit this and other attractions around Las Vegas, be mindful of the weather. It gets very hot, especially midday or during the summer months. No matter the season, don’t forget to pack a hat, sunscreen, and lots of water. If you forget, there is a Visitor’s Center near the entrance to the park where you can purchase essentials and also ask for recommendations from park volunteers.

Seven Magic Mountains

By Daria from the Discovery Nut
Located along Interstate-70, Seven Magic Mountains is one of the most famous places in Las Vegas. It’s an art installation in the middle of the desert about 10 miles outside Las Vegas.

Seven Magic Mountains in Las Vegas, psychedelic stones

Nicknamed “Psychodelic Stonehenge,” Seven Magic Mountains are seven pyramids made out of colorful boulders stacked on top of one another. It’s one of the most unique things to see near Las Vegas. Created by the Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, this collection of neon-colored totems can be seen from miles away, and it has become one of the most popular roadside stops among tourists sightseeing near Las Vegas and heading towards Southern California.

Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains is a great place to visit if you want to snap a colorful photo. For a better experience, we recommend arriving earlier because this place quickly gets crowded due to its popularity. Snapping a photo here is also one of the unique things to do in Las Vegas for cheap. Since there’s no admission fee!

To visit, you can rent a car or take Uber, as there are no buses between Las Vegas and Seven Magic Mountains. There are no facilities near the Seven Magic Mountains. 

Las Vegas attractions map pin Las Vegas attractions map pin

Las Vegas attractions map pin
Las Vegas attractions map pin

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