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Epic San Francisco Attractions Map

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This San Francisco attractions map is interactive and available for offline use. It includes all the San Francisco attractions that tourists wouldn’t want to miss. 

San Francisco is a large city with a unique history and beautiful outdoor spaces. Visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and the Fisherman’s Wharf should be on every San Francisco itinerary. This map also includes some of the lesser-known cool things to do in San Francisco as well as recommended restaurants.

San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Attractions Map

This San Francisco tourist map was created by travel bloggers, so you can be sure you’re getting the best and most detailed information. If you must see San Francisco, you’ve got to check out these epic attractions. 

San Francisco Skyline

San Francisco Attractions Map

On this San Francisco sightseeing map, the blue pins mark tourist attractions. Green pins are restaurants, and pink pins are dessert shops. Purple pins show you where you can find bars and nightlife. Learn how to use this Google Map while traveling.

This San Francisco interactive map will help you to organize your travel plans. Knock out as many attractions as you can while in one neighborhood. Get the most out of your San Francisco vacation.

How to Use This Map: If you click the tab at the top left corner, you’ll be able to select specific layers. Click the checkmark to select or hide specific categories.

Save This Map: Click the brackets in the top right corner to expand the map in full view. It will open in a new tab. Under the map title, right of the map description, there is a star. Click this star and the map will be saved to your Google account  in Google Maps. You can access it later from your computer or device. On desktop, go to Google Maps and click ‘Your Places,’ and ‘Maps.’ On app view, select ‘Saved, scroll down and click ‘Maps.’

San Francisco Attractions 

San Francisco is one of the most popular cities in Northern California. It’s a great destination for families, solo travelers, and backpackers. Read on to learn more about the top sights in San Francisco. 

Take the legendary ‘Love Tour’ of San Francisco. 

Painted Ladies in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

By Alanna from Periodic Adventures

Nothing is more iconic on this San Francisco Tourist Map than the Golden Gate Bridge! The famous red suspension bridge connects San Francisco to Marin County via US Route 101 and Route 1, two of California’s most notable highways. It’s one of the most legendary San Francisco tourist sites. 

Golden Gate Bridge

Designed in 1917 by Joseph Strauss, the Golden Gate Bridge was an engineering feat that required numerous engineering specialists to provide their expertise. At the time it was the longest and tallest suspension bridge in the world at 4,200 feet long and 746 feet high. It opened in 1937 and has been one of the most popular places in San Francisco ever since! 

Bike the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge

Since it is one of the largest attractions in the city, you can see it in many locations. Crissy Field is popular for bikers and pedestrians. If you’re looking for a beach day with a view, Baker Beach has incredible views of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

One of the most touristy spots is Fort Point National Historic Site, but for good reason, as it sits directly adjacent to the Bridge and has an interesting history dating back to the Civil War. This is one of the must-see places in San Francisco. 

Golden Gate Bridge

Alternatively, head to the Golden Gate Overlook off Lincoln Blvd for views of the bridge plus from there you can wander through the ruins of WWII batteries, such as Battery Boutelle, via the California Coastal Trail. If you want to see San Francisco, you’ve got to catch a glimpse at the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Lombard Street

By Christina from Travel 2 Next

Who would have guessed that a street in San Francisco would one day become one of the most famous landmarks in California? This is also one of the best free things to do in San Francisco! Visitors to the city queue up to drive down the most crooked street in the world. Lombard Street stretches from the Presidio to the Embarcadero and is part of US Route 101 but is most well-known for its steep hairpin turns along the eastern part of the Russian Hill neighborhood. It’s a can’t-miss spot if you’re San Francisco sightseeing. 

Lombard Street

Movies that have been filmed on the street include Good Neighbor Sam, Magnum Force, and Ant-Man, and the Wasp. Two million visitors a year flock here to drive the winding red brick road between Hyde Street and Leavenworth Street. It’s one of the cool places to visit in San Francisco, and it’s one of the most unusual things to do in San Francisco. 

Take a city tour of San Francisco and visit Lombard Street. 

Lombard Street

The street was constructed in 1922 because the hill was too steep for most vehicles and has become an unusual tourist attraction in San Francisco. The famous section is only around 600 feet (180 m) long. At peak times, you could be waiting for up to 20 minutes to enter the crooked section, where the speed limit is 5 mph (8 km/h). Although, it’s worth the wait because it’s one of the most popular places to go in San Francisco. 

Painted Ladies

By, Sydney from A World in Reach

The Painted Ladies are one of the legendary locations on this map of San Francisco tourist spots. The Painted Ladies are a row of seven colorfully-painted Victorian houses on the edge of Alamo Square Park. These houses are also known for being featured in the title sequence of the hit 1990s television sitcom Full House. Since then, they’ve become one of the most popular things to see near San Francisco. 

Painted Ladies

Book the ultimate San Francisco city tour.

The Painted Ladies are one of the most frequently photographed sights in San Francisco, and it’s easy to see why. The colorful facades of the houses are extremely photogenic, making for a fun Instagram spot. The best time to get photos of the houses is in the early afternoon. Don’t go too early. The houses face west, so you go in the morning, they will be in the shadows, making it more difficult to get a good shot.

Painted Ladies

Neighboring Alamo Square Park is worth a visit as well. It’s one of the best spots in San Francisco to have a picnic lunch(there are many great San Francisco restaurants where you can order takeout). Here, you’ll find locals and tourists alike, hanging out and enjoying the outdoors. Find a spot on the east side of the park, overlooking the Painted Ladies. Enjoy your lunch with a view before grabbing a few shots of the Painted Ladies for your Instagram. They’re one of the top things to see in San Francisco!

Fisherman’s Wharf

By Trijit from BudgetTravelBuff

One of the most visited places on this San Francisco sights map is Fisherman’s Wharf and it is a great combination of history and culture. A day in San Francisco is never complete without visiting the popular Fisherman’s Wharf.  

This iconic landmark got its name from San Francisco’s earliest days when Italian fishermen came to San Francisco in 1800. Visitors can still see the fishing boats down the pier with their traps and nets on the docks.

Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco

There are so many things to do in Fisherman’s Wharf. The place is filled with beautiful museums, fantastic waterfront restaurants, unique souvenir shops, and much more. The area roughly covers the northern waterfront and Ghirardelli Square to Pier 39.

Eating crab at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco

San Francisco is certainly not the cheapest place in the USA, but surprisingly there are a lot of free things to do near Fisherman’s Wharf that you must experience at least once during your San Francisco trip. 

Explore the Fisherman’s Wharf on Segway. 

seals at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco

You may not get a chance to visit all the museums but don’t miss Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. It is not a free museum, but it’s certainly one of the cheap things to do in San Francisco. They’ve got oddities like centuries-old mummified body parts, a two-headed cow, and much more which are truly unbelievable. 

If you are here with kids, don’t miss the chance to watch the sea lions hanging on the dock. It’s one of the must-do things in San Francisco. From here you can also enjoy magnificent views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.


By Carole from Weekend Adventurers Update

Chinatown is one of the important highlights on this map of San Francisco Attractions. Perhaps the best way to enter San Francisco’s Chinatown is at Grant Avenue and Bush Street, through the ornate Dragon Gate guarded by stone Foo dogs.  

Chinatown San Francisco

Walking beats driving because you can browse the many atmospheric shops as you stroll into the throbbing heart of Chinatown, and you can avoid a very difficult parking situation. Walkling is the best way to see San Francisco. Walking through Chinatown is one of the best free things to do in San Francisco.

This vibrant Chinatown is the largest in the U.S. and is home to the largest Chinese community outside of Asia. Visiting here is one of the best things to do in San Francisco. 

Chinatown San Francisco

Take a walking tour of San Francisco’s famous Chinatown. 

In particular, make sure to check out the small Chinese Historical Society of America that is situated inside a landmark building designed by celebrated local architect Julia Morgan. The exhibits in this museum concentrate on Chinese culture. It’s one of the cool places to visit in San Francisco to learn about immigrant history and legacy.

mural in Chinatown San Francisco

Don’t miss experiencing a dim sum lunch.  For this treat, Chinese delicacies and dumplings are brought around to diners on carts. You point to what you want.  One prime spot for this is the busy New Asia Chinese Restaurant which seats 1,000 and where the staff communicates with walkie-talkies.


By Anisa from 2 Traveling Texans 

On this small island in the middle of San Francisco Bay, you will find the Rock, more formally known as Alcatraz. It’s one of the most legendary spots on this San Francisco map with attractions. Also, it’s been home to some of America’s most notorious criminals like Al Capone, George “Machine Gun” Kelly, and Robert Franklin Stroud (the “Birdman of Alcatraz”). Now, Alcatraz is a popular tourist attraction and one of the best places to go in San Francisco. 

 Alcatraz Island

While Alcatraz was originally developed as a military fortification with a lighthouse, from 1934-1963 it was a high-security federal prison. There have been 36 prisoners who have tried to escape, none were successful.  

The only way to visit Alcatraz is through the official tours and you will need to book early to avoid disappointment. Since this is one of the must-dos in San Francisco, tours sell out far in advance

Alcatraz Island

Click here for an Alcatraz ticket and Fisherman’s Wharf Walking tour.

They offer a day tour, night tour, or behind the scenes tour. The Alcatraz night tour offers a bit of an eerie atmosphere and special ranger talks. It’s one of the fun things to do in San Francisco at night! On the behind the scenes tour, you get to see areas of Alcatraz Island normally off-limits.  

Alcatraz Island

All the tours start with a scenic boat ride from Fisherman’s Wharf to the island where you can enjoy views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco skyline. Then, it’s a short but steep walk up to the prison where you can explore the cell block at your own pace with the audio tour. The rest of your visit will vary depending on which tour you chose. This is one of the word things to do in San Francisco, and one of the most epic!  

Twin Peaks 

By Nat from NatPacker

Twin Peaks is one of the top attractions on any detailed map of San Francisco. If you’re looking for an incredible view of San Francisco, Twin Peaks is where you need to head to. These two hills are near the geographical center of the city and rise 925 feet above the city.

Twin Peaks

The peaks are called “Eureka” (which is the north peak) and “Noe” to the south. Twin peaks were named in the 19th century, but it is believed that the native Ohlone people used the peaks as a lookout. Which makes perfect sense as you can see so much from the peaks. They are one of the best San Francisco local attractions. 

Other than a few transmission towers, the peaks have been undeveloped. The area is protected by the Natural Areas Program (NAP), which acts to preserve the native vegetation.

Twin Peaks

Check out this top rated hike at Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks is one of the most beautiful places in San Francisco. From various viewing areas and the peaks, you can look out over the San Francisco skyline. On a clear day, you can see landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, as well as the Pacific Ocean. Visiting Twin Peaks is one of the best free activities in San Francisco. 

Twin Peaks

You can park at certain viewing areas, or walk up the hills. They sit 200m apart, so from one car park, it’s easy to get to the summit of both the peaks. Though there are some steep parts, so it can be a little tough to climb. It can get pretty windy up on the peaks, so be sure to have some layers, even in summer, the wind really has a bite! Although, it’s worth it, as this is one of the most memorable things to do in San Francisco

Ferry Building

By Daria from The Discovery Nut

San Francisco’s Ferry Building is home to a terminal for ferries that travel across the San Francisco Bay and a farmer’s market where many artisan vendors sell their produce and Northern California wine. It’s one of the San Francisco top attractions. 

areal view of San Francisco, including Ferry Building

Visiting the Ferry Building is one of the great historical things to do in San Francisco. This building is a popular gathering place for locals. If you get hungry while exploring the Northern California hub, pop into the Ferry Building and explore the Navy –a central thoroughfare of the market –where you can talk to local vendors and feast on delicious food. This is one of the best places to visit in San Francisco!

San Francisco Ferry Building

Check out the Ultimate San Francisco Food Tour at the Ferry Building. 

The building opened in 1898 and was largely modeled after European architecture with its big clock tower. Initially, it served as a transportation hub for commuters across the Bay Area. At one point, it was one of the busiest transportation terminals in the world

San Francisco Ferry Building

However, after the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge was finished in the 1930s the building lost passenger traffic and was converted into an office building in the mid-1950s. Visiting the Ferry Building is one of the less touristy and more unique things to do in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Ferry Building reopened as the Ferry Building Marketplace in 2003 resuming ferry services and establishing a place for local artisan vendors where tourists and locals like to gather. It’s one of the cool things to see in San Francisco.

Museum of Modern Art

By, Chrysoula from Travel Passionate 

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (aka the SFMOMA) is one of the most important tourist places in San Francisco. It has been a long-standing institution in the city that has displayed works of 20th-century art here since 1935. Today, the museum features five floors of art galleries, a 30-foot living wall, an outdoor sculpture garden, and three restaurants and it is a must-see to any San Francisco itinerary

exhibit at SFMOMA

You could easily spend hours getting lost in the artwork here admiring pieces by Frida Kahlo, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, and Henri Matisse. It’s one of the best activities to do in San Francisco! 

For those wanting to learn more about the pieces as they walk around, there is an SFMOMA audio app that is packed full of information so you can take a self-guided tour through the gallery

staircase at SFMOMA

While you might want to see absolutely everything within the San Francisco MOMA taking time to witness each piece would be exhausting and to be honest would be total art overload, so it’s worth taking a look online and planning ahead so you don’t miss your highlights. This is one of the best attractions in San Francisco, but you’ll want to save time to explore other spots.

architecture at SFMOMA

Here’s your link to get tickets. 

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is located downtown at 151 Third Street south of the market and tickets can be booked in advance. P.S. If you don’t want to shell out the $25 for the full ticket, you can still enter the ground floor gallery for free to get a taster. SFMOMA is one of the top tourist attractions in San Francisco and one of the best places to see in San Francisco! 

Coit Tower  

By Kenny from Knycx Journeying 

One great way to explore all the must-visit places in San Francisco is going on a road trip on the scenic 49 Mile Scenic Drive. This is a guiding route that covers the major tourist spots in downtown San Francisco from the Golden Gate Park, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz to Union Square. 

There is one location on the route that may not strike you as a “must-see”, but totally worth your time going there. Coit Tower is one of the important pins on this map of attractions in San Francisco. The Coit Tower and Filbert Steps are located at Telegraph Hill in the city center and it’s an excellent viewpoint to take a good panoramic view from the Golden Gate Bridge

Coit Tower

Coit Tower at the top of the hill in Pioneer Park, it’s easy to reach there either self-driving or a short walk from Pier 33 after taking a tram or Line 72 bus. Visiting Coit Tower is one of the fun things to do in San Francisco. While it’s only a small structure of 64 meters in height, it plays a big role in San Francisco’s history and development. 

Coit Tower

The tower was built in 1932 in Art-Deco style to beautify the city. Well-known patroness Lillie Hitchcock Coit contacted 26 local muralists to paint the interior of the tower. These paintings are the precursor of the Works Progress Administration and a great memento of contemporary San Francisco Life. This is why the Coit Tower is one of the most remarkable things to see in San Francisco. 

The Palace of Fine Arts

By Allison from California Crossroads

One of the most interesting spots on this San Francisco landmarks map is the Palace of Fine Arts, which is far less touristy than other popular destinations. The Palace of Fine Arts is one of the fun sites to see in San Francisco because it is a beloved Instagram spot

The Palace of Fine Arts is located in the beautiful Presidio area near the entrance to the park. It was originally constructed in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific Exposition, though it was later rebuilt between 1964 and 1974 to improve upon the structure and make it a permanent fixture in San Francisco’s cultural landscape. 

Palace of the Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts is one of the must-see San Francisco area attractions. It consists of a manmade lagoon with a beautiful rotunda in the middle of it, made of a peachy-pink stone, surrounded by colonnades. It’s designed with a nod to Greek and Roman architecture and is meant to evoke European cityscapes right in the heart of San Francisco. It’s located right near many other beloved San Francisco attractions for adults such as The Wave Organ, Crissy Field, the Battery, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Palace of the Fine Arts

Visiting the Palace of Fine Arts is one of the fun activities in San Francisco because it’s free to access and open at all times of day and night. Visit in the early morning to get the best photographs of it without people — though do bring a jacket, as this is one of the chillier parts of San Francisco!

Land’s End

By Ruth from Tanama Tales 

If you are a fan of outdoor activities and magnificent views, you do not have to travel outside San Francisco’s city limits to enjoy these. Land’s End is an awesome spot on this map of San Francisco Tourist Attractions. 

Land’s End is a park within the Golden Gate National Recreational Area. It has miles of trails, viewpoints, historical riches, an art museum, and much more. There are so many active things to do in San Francisco, and you can do them all here! 

Land's End

Stop by the Sutro Baths –the remains of a notorious bathhouse built in the 1890s. It’s one of the cool places in San Francisco with an interesting history. To the south, you will find The Clifhouse, a neoclassical building hanging perilously on the edge of sea bluffs. 

It is possible to have a meal or drink at the cafe located inside The Clifhouse. The Visitor Center located across the Baths gives you the context needed to understand the grandiose past of the entire development. These are some of the must-go places in San Francisco. 

Land's End

You can connect to the USS San Francisco WWII Memorial and the Eastern Coastal Trail Overview via the Land’s End Trail or by driving to the designated parking lot.

Another fun point to check is the Land’s End Labyrinth.  Walking a 3-mile trail will take you to this piece of art framed by the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean. In the vicinity, you can visit the Legion of Honor (a fine arts museum), Holocaust Memorial, and Memorial for Peace. With so many unique treasures, you can see why Land’s End is one of the most fun places in San Francisco. 

End your visit with a picnic at the beach or dinner at Clement Street or Geary Boulevard.


By Jamie from Fly by the Seat of our Pants

Don’t limit your experience of San Francisco to the limits of the city! Sausalito is one of the best attractions near San Francisco. Walk, drive or bike over the Golden Gate Bridge and continue to the gorgeous seaside town of Sausalito. This is one of the best things to do around San Francisco. Take a step outside of the Big City, to a quaint small town showcasing colorful homes and shops with the same gorgeous view of the San Francisco Bay. 


Stop by the Sea Lion Sculpture as you make your way to the downtown area. Step into the shops to find jewelry, art, munchies, and novelty toys. 

Check out this top-rated Sausalito day tour.

Take the kids to the Bay Area Discovery Museum, which is the only museum inside National Park land. Learn more about the area at the Railroad and Ferry Depot Museum. These are some of the top things to do in San Francisco’s Sausalito. 


Grab a bite to eat at Sausalito Bakery & cafe or some ice cream from Lapparts.  Then cross the street and sit on a bench at Sausalito point. From here you can enjoy the view of the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco Skyline, as well as the yachts in the bay. It’s one of the best sights in San Francisco! 

After exploring the small town, get on the Blue and Gold Fleet Ferry, which also services Angel Island, Alcatraz, and Tiburon. The return trip will give you an excellent vantage point for the Golden Gate bridge as well as Alcatraz Island. Sausalito is one of the cool places to do in San Francisco’s bay area.  

Oracle Park

By, Jub from Chur New Zealand 

Oracle Park, home to the San Francisco Giants, is one of the most recognizable baseball parks in the world. It’s an important pin on our San Francisco attraction map.

Yes, the waterfront location is gorgeous …but it’s the cultural experience of watching America’s national pastime you won’t forget. 

Oracle Park

What if you’re not a baseball fan? That’s okay, the tickets are affordable, and locals don’t mind if you don’t watch every minute of the game. It’s one of the best things to see in San Francisco. 

Fan or not, most of you will have seen cartoons with episodes featuring baseball (e.g. The Simpsons). And the cliche baseball scenes in these cartoons occur at games which is exciting. By attending a game at Oracle Park, you’ll have a chance to embrace the following traditions (as seen in cartoons):

Oracle Park

  1. the 7th innings stretch where everyone gets up for a stretch and sings “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”
  2. vendors coming through the stands selling food and drinks
  3.  the ceremonial first pitch is thrown by a guest (sometimes they’re superstars)

These are must-see things in San Francisco for tourists and locals! 

While you’re watching a game at Oracle Park, you might notice kayakers in the waters on the outside of the stadium. They’re there in the hopes a home run will see the ball sail out of the park (known as a splash hit) for them to collect. 

Oracle Park is one of the top places to visit around San Francisco. 

Crissy Fields

By Kay from PCH1 Road Trip

Crissy Fields, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, is one of the best places to go near San Francisco. You’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge. This waterfront area has a beach and a coastal trail. Locals and tourists both love spending a relaxing day here, as it’s one of the fun places to go in San Francisco. 

Crissy Fields has an interesting history. Few people know that this was a former US Army Field and was also used to dump hazardous waste in the 1970s. However, since then the site has been thoroughly cleaned and restored and the most dangerous thing you’d see here today is probably a soaring frisbee!

Crissy Fields is one of the places to see around San Francisco. Crissy Fields

Some of the most popular things to do at Crissy Fields include a stroll along the water’s edge, biking, kite flying, people watching, and enjoying the views. You will also find picnic tables and open areas, so carry along a picnic lunch and a shelter and enjoy a beautiful day by the Pacific.


By Harmony from Momma To Go

Looking for a great museum in San Francisco? Then head over to the Exploratorium, museum of science, technology, and art in downtown San Fran. It’s one of the recommended places to see in San Francisco.  

Located along the water at Pier 15, near the Embarcadero, you can easily spend many hours exploring this museum. I’d budget at least half a day for this experience, which is perfect if you want an indoor break from the summer sun, or if you find yourself in SF on a rainy day. It’s one of the top things to do indoors in San Francisco.  

Grab a San Francisco City Pass for access to all the best museums. 

All of the Exploratorium exhibits are interactive, super interesting, and easy to understand. No seriously, clear, laid out directions of what to do really helped enhance the experience! These are some of the most fun San Francisco activities for kids. The museum’s focus is on math and science, but children (of all ages) will see this as a chance to explore and have fun. 

The Exploratorium is one of the cool things in San Francisco for adults, families, or solo travelers to experience. 

Exploring More of California?

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