Venice Attractions Map (Interactive)

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When planning a trip, I always start with a good map. Weather you’re planning an elaborate itinerary or wanting a spontaneous trek, you’ll still certainly benefit from a solid map. I’ve created this map of Venice attractions as your guide. This map is completely downloadable, just expand first then select the download option from the three dot menu. If you won’t have access to mobile data during your trip to Italy, I also recommend downloading and using the offline version of this google map.  The attractions that I’ve focused on (seen in blue) include museums, historical sites, famous fountains and beautiful squares. Some of the best restaurants in Venice are shown here in green, and the best gelaterie in pink. The restaurants range from $ to $$$$ ratings, so you’ll be able to find the tastiest bites to fit your budget.

You may also want to check out Where to Eat in Italy, for more information about how you can locate the best restaurants. I’ve also mapped the most famous rooftop bars and restaurants in purple. I highly recommend eating canal side at least once when in Venice if you’re looking for unforgettable views.  I recommend making a path from blue dot to blue dot, stopping at green dots and pink dots as you get hungry. This way, you’ll see as many attractions in Venica as you can.

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