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Essential Walking Map of Venice

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This walking map of Venice includes all the best things to see in Venice, and more! Use this Venice walking tour map to explore top-rated tourist attractions at your own pace and preference.

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Venice is an iconic European city. It’s winding canals, quaint bridges and living history are legendary. Venice is a romantic city for couples. Many parts of Venice have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites

venice at sunset, gondolas on the water

Popular activities in Venice include taking gondola rides, visiting museums, and eating freshly-caught seafood. If you are saying in Venice for 1 day or 10 days, you’ll need a walking guide…

Interactive Walking Map of Venice

This Venice Map is interactive, adjustable, and available for offline use. There are many ways you can use this walking map of Venice. 

There are a few layers to this Venice Tourist Map. The best things to do in Venice are marked by blue pins. That includes famous landmarks, museums, and churches (in Italy, churches are museums).

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This interactive map of Venice also includes recommended restaurants. You’ll find those are marked with a green knife & fork icon. Gelaterie can be identified by the pink ice cream icon. You can even find rooftop bars in this Venice attractions map! Those are indicated by purple drink icons.

How to Use This Map: If you click the tab at the top left corner, you’ll be able to select specific layers. Click the checkmark to select or hide specific categories.

Save This Map: Click the brackets in the top right corner to expand the map in full view. It will open in a new tab. Under the map title, right of the map description, there is a star. Click this star and the map will be saved to your Google account  in Google Maps. You can access it later from your computer or device. On desktop, go to Google Maps and click ‘Your Places,’ and ‘Maps.’ On app view, select ‘Saved, scroll down and click ‘Maps.’

Walking Map of Venice

This map of Venice Italy includes a lot of paid attractions. Venice isn’t a cheap destination! Although, if you choose not to enter inside any of the museums or churches, you can use this walking map of Venice Italy to enjoy a completely free experience! 

If you’re visiting with a special someone, make sure to check out our Venice guide for couples.

colorful photo of Venice from a canal

Famous Landmarks

This free Venice walking tour map includes all the famous landmarks you won’t want to miss. Including some famous bridges. Venice is known for its bridges there are over 400 of them after all! Under those bridges, some 300 gondolas roam about among the winding canals. 

Enjoying the waterways and bridges is one of the best free things to do in Venice Italy. Make sure to hit these famous landmarks when you use this Venice self-guided walking tour map! 

Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge is one of the Venice main attractions. It is one of four bridges on our sightseeing map of Venice that spans the famous Grand Canal. This is the heart of Venice.

Walking across the Rialto Bridge is one of the best free things to do in Venice. It’s an incredible piece of history —built over 400 years ago! The Rialto Bridge is the oldest bridge to span the Grand Canal.

Venice, Italy - July 1, 2018: Panoramic view of Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto) is the oldest of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal in Venice. Landscape of summer sunny day and blue sky

In the present day, it’s usually very busy with tourists. There are many interesting shops on either side. It’s a densely packed, high-traffic area. The real estate surrounding this bridge is some of the most pricey in all of Venice!

If you’re walking in Venice Italy, you can’t skip the Rialto Bridge. Nearby, you can get authentic gelato at Grom or La Boutique Del Gelato. Great places to eat nearby are Baci & Pasta and Osteria alle Testiere

Rialto Bridge in Venice

Baci & Pasta is another great joint near the Rialto Bridge that you’ll find on this tourist map of Venice. It’s a casual, budget, option. Osteria alle Testiere is a formal dining restaurant nearby serving authentic Venetian fare. 

Experience Venice through food.

Grand Canal 

The Grand Canal is another one of the must see places in Venice. The Grand Canal is lined with marvelous centuries-old mansions and palaces. The palaces date back from the 13th through the 18th Centuries, so they encompass a wide range of architectural styles.Grand Canal in Venice

Take a tour of the legendary Grand Canal. 

Along the Grand Canal, you can find buildings in Venitian Gothic, Venitian Baroque, and Venitian Byzantine. Hundreds of years ago, the wealthiest and most prestigious families built homes along the Grand Canal. Many of the top sights in Venice today are still lining the Grand Canal.

The Grand Canal isn’t exactly Venice off the beaten path… it’s pretty touristy! Although, it’s an important part of the city and one of the must-do things in Venice. 

couple on a gondola ride in Venice

Book your gondola ride today.

A gondola ride through the Grand Canal is one of the must-do things in Venice. There are many gondola operators in this area.  A gondola ride is the best way to experience the Grand Canal and it’s one of the most romantic experiences in the city!

If you want romance on a budget, visiting the Grand Canal is one of the best free things to do in Venice at night. You can watch the sunset over the city from the top of this historic bridge. Couples may also consider a romantic photo shoot in Venice.

Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs is another one of the popular places to visit in Venice. You can’t walk along the Bridge of Sighs, you can only see it!

The best place to view the Bridge of Sighs is from the Bridge of Paglia (Ponte della Paglia). The Bridge of Sighs is one of the famous Venice attractions. Its purpose was to link Doge’s Palace with a prison. Legend has it that prisoners would sigh on this bridge as they got their final glimpse of beautiful Venezia.

The famous Bridge of Sighs in Venice, Italy

The Bridge of Signs is an enclosed in white limestone. It has windows with stone bars through them. The designer of this bridge was the nephew of the man who designed the Rialto Bridge –adding fame to these Venice tourist attractions. 

In reality, not many big-time criminals passed through this bridge. By the time it was built, inquisitions and executions weren’t happening anyone. Also, it wasn’t possible to see much through the tiny barred windows. 

Bridge of Sighs in Venice

Although, it’s still a beautiful spot and visiting this bridge is one of the top things to do in Venice. Another reason that this is one of the best things to do in Venice is that it’s completely free to visit! 

Saint Mark’s Square

Saint Mark’s Square is one of the best places for Venice sightseeing. This is where everyone in Venice comes to see and be seen. It may be the largest and most important square in Venice, but it’s also considered one of the most famous squares in the world.

St. Mark's Square in Venice, St. Mark's clock tower is visible

St. Marks Square offers the best views of St. Mark’s Basilica and campanile. This is a common stop on any Venice itinerary and a meeting place for many tour groups. Doge’s Palace and Museum can also be accessed from Saint Mark’s Square. Visiting Doge’s Palace is another one of the activities you must do in Venice.

St. Mark's Square in Venice

Explore the legendary St. Mark’s Basilica. 

St. Mark’s Square is a must see in Venice! The square’s history dates all the way back to the 9th Century. This is a lively and busy part of the city. Stopping by for espresso and dessert at the nearby Caffè Florian is one of the recommended things to do in Venice at night. It’s considered the oldest cafe in Europe! 

Scala Contarini del Bovolo

The Scala Contarini del Bovolo —roughly, “staircase of the snail” is one of the best places to visit in Venice. It’s a photographer’s dream! As you climb the staircase, you’ll notice the staircase’s unique design. It has features from a few different architectural styles.

Beautiful renaissance spiral staircase in the center of Venice, one of the most famous tourist attraction in the city, seen from below

The staircase ascends into a tower. Once at the top, you’ll find amazing views of Venetian rooftops. This is one of the most amazing things to see in Venice Italy. 

This staircase was originally built in the 15th Century. Entering does require a small fee, or you may choose to visit with an organized tour. No matter how you choose to visit, this is one of the top things to see in Venice for first-timers. 

Burano & Murano

Burano and Murano are Venitan islands on our downloadable map of Venice that aren’t connected by a bridge. Visiting these other islands by boat is one of the adventurous things to do in Venice. 

Each island has a unique vibe and atmosphere. Burano is known for its distinct, brightly painted houses. It’s very magical looking. Lacemaking and fishing are the common trades on Burano. You can shop around for handcrafted goods.

Burano in Venice, colorful homes and buildings

Find out how you can visit Burano & Murano.

The Lace Museum in Burano is one of the famous places to visit near Venice. 

Murano island is another one of the Venice top attractions. Murano is well-known for glassmaking. Glass has been made on Venitian islands for over 1,000 years! If you are lucky enough to visit Murano with a guided tour, you’ll likely get to witness the glassmaking process. Make your own glass in Murano. 

Murano in Venice

Sign up for an unforgettable glass-making workshop in Murano.

These islands are some of the less touristy places to visit in Venice Italy. 


While you enjoy a Venice walking tour, you’ll have to stop at some of the legendary museums. Venice is highly regarded for the art collections and history you can find. 

Some of the popular spots on our free map of Venice include Doge’s Palace, the Gallery of the Academy, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, and the Museum Correr. We will discuss these main highlights.

If you’d rather do art than see art, check out this painting class in Venice.

view of St. mark's square and Dodge's palace from the water

Other museums you can find on the map of Venice with attractions include a music museum at the San Maurizio Church and the Museum of Glass. This Venice walking guide also includes numerous churches (that might as well be museums) because they contain priceless art and artifacts. 

Doge’s Palace

Doge’s Palace is one of the top sites in Venice Italy. Doge’s facade is an excellent example of Venetian Gothic architecture. The palace was destroyed, rebuilt, and restored several times since its original construction in the 9th Century by Doge Agnello Participazio.

Dodge's Palace

In the 17th Century, the palace served as the seat of government, the city’s courtrooms, and a jail. It was an important base of power for the Venitian Republic. One of the important things to know about Venice is that Venice was an independent republic for over 1,000 years!

Doge’s Palace is impeccably lavish. Including gilded ceilings, frescoed walls, and grand staircases. Visiting the Doge’s apartments and prison cells is one of the things you must do in Venice. 

Doge's Palace in Venice

Check out this top-rated tour of Doge’s Palace.

Doge’s is an important landmark and one of the best places in Venice Italy for art lovers. There are many admirable paintings and sculptures to explore. The building itself is an artistic marvel. It’s a must-visit in Venice! 

Correr Museum

The Correr Museum is one of the most interesting places in Venice. It’s highly regarded Napoleonic Wing dates back to the early 19th Century. During this time, Napoleon held power and Venice remained part of the Kingdom of Italy.

This museum is also located in the bustling St. Mark’s Square. It’s one of the most popular places in Venice. Guests can explore neoclassical residences of Kings and emperors. 

Correr Museum in Venice

This is one of the Venice main attractions because you’ll find unimaginable treasures. The Correr Museum displays paintings, sculptures, furniture, instruments, and much more! 

Gallerie dell’Accademia

Cross the Bridge of the Academy and you’ll be in front of the Gallery of the Academy. This bridge is less crowded and maybe a good place to take a traditional canal side photo. It’s one of the places of interest in Venice for art and history lovers. 

The Gallery of the Academy is one of the top sites in Venice because it has an impressive collection of 19th Century art. The root institution behind this museum was one of the first to adopt art restoration practices in the 18th Century. 

Leonardo da Vinci's drawing of the Vitruvian Man

You can find many masterpieces in the Gallery of the Academy of Venice. The collection includes Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing of the Vitruvian Man which is occasionally displayed. This is one of the best sights in Venice. 

Let’s not forget that dining and drinking are also some of the best activities in Venice Italy. Near to the Gallery of the Academy are a few great dining opportunities. Cantine del Vino già Schiavi is a wine bar off the beaten path. Osteria Al Squero is a local favorite known for authentic bites in a modest setting. Then, stop by Gelateria Nico for dessert.

Peggy Guggenheim Collection

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is one of the most important 20th Century art museums in Italy. Visiting this place to appreciate American and European art is one of the fun things to do in Venice.

The modern art of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection is housed in an opulent 18th Century palace. Peggy Guggenheim lived in this palace for over 30 years. It’s one of the best things to see in Venice!

Peggy Guggenheim was an American heiress and socialite. She later became a prestigious art collector and traveler. Interestingly, her father died during the sinking of the Titanic. 

Peggy Guggenheim loved Venice and established her most famous museum there along the Grand Canal. Viewing examples of surrealism, cubism and abstract expressionism at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum is one of the top things to do in Venice Italy. It’s also one of the romantic things to do in Venice for couples.


Surprise, Surprise…another museum inside a waterfront palace. The Ca’Rezzonico Museum was built in the 17th Century for a noble Venitian family. This is one of the most visited Venice tourist spots.

Interestingly, the family that originally commissioned this palace ran out of money before its completion. Also, the architect who designed it perished before it could be complete. The palace was finally completed over 100 years after the project was initially started

The facade of the museum is a notable example of Venetian baroque and rococo architecture. Even if you decide not to stop inside, viewing the facade of this glorious building is one of the cool things to do in Venice. This is one of the best places to go in Venice for architecture lovers. 

Inside the museum, you’ll find plenty of works by Venetian painters of the 18th Century. It’s a living time capsule into the 18th Century. There’s seemingly endless frescoes, sculptures, carved figurines, and other impeccable accents and artifacts. 

Ca’Rezzonico Museum is one of the best museums & top places to visit in Venice. 


While you’re walking in Venice, you may notice many churches. We’ve included several churches in this tourist map of Venice Italy because churches are essentially museums. 

Quick Note About Churches: You don’t have to be Catholic, or even religious, to appreciate the history, culture, and architecture of Roman Catholic churches. While you should be respectful while inside, churches in Venice are open to visitors of all faiths and backgrounds.

Venetian Fresco

So, while you’re walking around Venice, stop inside a church or two. While they are treasure troves of art and history, admission into churches is much cheaper than that to museums.

Gaining entry allows you access to beautiful frescos, elaborate tombs, and unique stories. Although, entry is by no means necessary. Seeing these churches from the outside is worth your time.

Venetian Sculpture

The following discussion focuses on some of the most important religious buildings on this map of Venice.

Saint Mark’s Basilica & Clocktower

St. Mark’s Basilica is one of the most popular Venice sites to see. It is a cathedral style church, and it is considered one of the best examples of Italo-Byzantine architecture.

The facade of St. Mark’s Basilica has over 500 columns. Even if you don’t venture inside, St. Mark’s Basilica is one of the famous sites in Venice that you need to appreciate. 

St. Mark Cathedral Basilica In St. Mark Square Of Venice, Italy

Inside Saint Mark’s Basilica, there are over 850,000 square feet of mosaics! Wow. Many of these mosaics were added over 800 years ago. Much of the tile inlay of these mosaics are made of gold. Much of the treasures you’ll find inside come from the Crusades. So, it’s no wonder this is one of the best Venice Italy tourist spots. 

The grounds of St. Mark’s Basilica also include a Renaissance style Clocktower and a prominent public square. Visiting this place is one of the legendary activities to do in Venice Italy.

Church of San Zaccaria

The Church of San Zaccaria is one of the lesser-known famous things in Venice. This 15th-century Gothic church has somewhat a simple façade. However, it holds renowned paintings and precious artifacts. 

Church of San Zaccaria in Venice Italy

This church is significant for being one of the earliest monastic foundations in the city. It was first established in the 7th Century! For this reason, it’s one of the best attractions in Venice. 

Despite its small size, the marble facade of this church is quite stunning. One of the noteworthy pieces you’ll find within is Giovanni Bellini’s Madonna and Four Saints. This is one of the top places in Venice for the off-the-beaten-path traveler. 

Church of Saint Julian

The Church of Saint Julian is one of the important religious sites to see in Venice. The facade of the Church of Saint Julian follows the traditional flattened temple style

The consecration of this church was made possible by a local scholar and physician. You’ll see the statue of Tommaso Rangone above the door to the Church of St. Julian. Rangone grew his wealth by selling herbal remedies to Syphilis and yellow fever.

The Church of Saint Julian is one of the interesting places to go in Venice to view masterpieces and living history. These are incredible frescoes, sculptures and marble works inside.

The Church of Saint Julian is not far from the Church of San Salvador –another one of the must see things in Venice. As you walk from one church to the other, you’ll be in the main shopping street in Venice. This is a great spot to grab a magnet, leather goods, or other local trinkets. 

Basilica San Maria della Salute

Visiting historic churches is one of the unusual things to do in Venice. There’s no better Venitian church than the Basilica San Maria della Salute.

You can view this church while you’re enjoying the sightseeing in Venice Italy at Saint Mark’s Square. Look out past the Grand Canal, and you’ll be able to spot it! 

night shot of the Basilica San Maria della Salute.

The facade of San Maria della Salute is remarkably baroque. It was built during a devastating outbreak of the plague, and many references to the Black Death can be observed in this church. 

These are the best places to see in Venice. The top museums, churches & famous landmarks. They’re all mapped for you to enjoy. 

areal view of Venice Italy

Learn more about how to use this map while you navigate around to the best tourist attractions in Venice Italy. 

Think I missed something on my map? Comment below.

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