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Where to Shop in Europe

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Why shop when you’re in Europe?

If you’re like me, then you probably frequent the same stores every few weeks. After a while, you start to realize that your favorite labels and brands are recycling the same styles, patterns and cuts season to season. Shopping in Europe gives you a unique opportunity to refresh your wardrobe. Also, the prices are a lot lower than in America! I was initially worried about shopping in Europe because I didn’t want to bring cash, and I thought that transaction fees on my credit card would be unreasonable. Worry not! Most of the bigger retailers will give you the option to charge your card in US dollars, and transaction fees are usually close to 3 %. Another factor in your bottom line is sales tax. Sales tax in European Union countries is almost negligible when compared to tax rates in many American cities. So, leave some space in that suitcase, and check out some of these cool stores!


Bershka is reminiscent of Akira or Top Shop. It offers edgy, trendy and chic clothes you can wear out. They also have a location in New York.

Pull and Bear

This store gives off an Urban Outfitters feel, but at half the cost. Here, you’ll find plenty of quality denim, boho dresses and hipster logo tees.


The coolest thing about Stradivarius is that their stores smell exactly like Abercrombie and Fitch. See for yourself! Stradivarius offers a mix of things, some that you may be able to wear to work and others that you could wear out. Overall, trendy and reasonably priced (You could get a dress for under €40). Definitively worth checking out!


Offers a higher quality of clothing, but at a slightly higher cost (dress or jumpsuit for about 55€). I found a beautiful suede jacket here for only 80€ (This is about $90). Mango’s styles are more elegant, refined and girly.

Kiko Milano

Comparable to Sephora, they sell all kinds of makeup and cosmetics. They only carry their own product line, but the variety and quality of their products is impressive.


This store is equivalent to a Forever 21 and H&M mashup. Mostly offering simple looks at very low prices, this is a great place to grab basics.

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