Cape Cod Attractions Map

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Before planning your perfect trip, you’ll need to see everything mapped out. This Cape Cod attractions map includes beaches, national parks (with the best hiking trails), restaurants and ice cream parlors. The blue pins mark attractions like museums, national parks and monuments. The yellow pins show you were the beaches are. Green pins indicate restaurants and the pink pins are for ice cream parlors.
Cape Cod encompasses a large area, so you’ll want to plan your days beforehand. I recommend spending a day in the Provincetown or the lower Cape. Expect it to take you over an hour (hour and 15 minutes without traffic) to get from Sandwich to Provincetown. You may want to chose a place to stay that is near the blue pins your find most interesting. Also, try to plan a day excursion to Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket.

If you think I missed something, please comment below! I am working to constantly improve the quality of my maps.

Also, be sure to read more about these places in Cape Cod Activities & Attractions. 


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