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Oahu Map of Attractions (Interactive)

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A good vacation plan requires a good map. This map of Oahu attractions includes all of the  best hiking spots, restaurants and beaches. The popular attractions in Oahu are shown with blue pins, and these include parks, museums, cultural centers and scenic areas. The yellow pins mark some of the most popular beaches. The green pins mark some of the best places to eat authentic local cuisine. If you’re trying to make the most out of your trip to Oahu, you’ll need to rent a car. While the island is quite small, note that it will take you approximately an hour to get from the north side to the Honolulu area.

This map is completely downloadable, just expand first then select the download option from the three dot menu. For more detailed information about Oahu’s best activities, you’ll want to see the Things to do on Oahu. To read more about the flavors of the island, see Oahu Restaurants.
This map of Oahu, Hawaii includes everything you would ever need on the island. Check out these great hikes, beaches, parks, snorkeling spots and more!

Learn how to use this google map while traveling.

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