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Ultimate Tourist Map of Athens 

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This comprehensive tourist map of Athens includes all the top sites in Athens that you won’t want to miss. You’ll also find restaurants, shops, and rooftops on this map of Athens. 

Tourist Map of Athens 

Athens is the capital and largest city in Greece. Most importantly, Athens is a treasure trove of ancient history. It’s considered one of the oldest cities in the world with a recorded history surpassing 3,000 years! 

couple having dinner at A is for Athens rooftop bar

The best way to get to Athens is to fly into the city’s international airport. It’s a 25-minute taxi ride outside of Athens downtown. From Athens, you can take a ferry or a brief flight to many Greek island destinations like Santorini or Naxos islands. 

Check out our hotel guide to Athens.

Athens has a temperate Mediterranean climate year-round. The summer months bring crowds of tourists as well as hotter temperatures. The warmest month is August. Even in the fall and winter, temperatures rarely fall below 50°F. If you plan to visit in Athens during late Spring and early fall, you’ll ditch the masses but enjoy warmer weather. 

view of Acropolis from 360 Cocktail Bar, Athens

Tourist Map of Athens 

The best thing to do in Athens is learn about the ancient world. Many of the tourist attractions on this google map of Athens are ancient ruins and historic sites. Some of the most memorable Athens activities involve touring an ancient site like the Acropolis or Pantheon. 

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If you’re wondering what to do in Athens, take a look at the blue pins on this map. The blue pins mark the Athens tourist attractions. We’ve also mapped the best restaurants in Athens for tourists – including formal establishments, casual pastry shops, and local fast food joints. The green pins identify the best places to eat in Athens. While you’re in Athens, you must try a spanakopita, souvlaki and fresh greek salad. 

Greek Salad, Greek white wine, pita, mussels

Consider a gourmet food tour through Athens. 

Also, drinking local wines is something you must do in Athens. Greece is an important wine-growing region in Europe. It’s most famous for white wines, especially of the Assyrtiko varietal. The purple pins will help you find rooftop bars with phenomenal views as well as wineries

Ancient World

You’ll notice that many of the top sights in Athens are ancient ruins. They’re featured prominently on this Athens sightseeing map. Athens is considered the birthplace of Western Civilization and the birthplace of democracy

One can not truly understand modern society without appreciating the history of the ancient world. That’s why ancient ruins are some of the best things to see in Athens. Scientists have discovered evidence that the earliest humans lived in the region of present-day Athens as early as 7 – 11th Century BC. It’s also quite incredible that the land has been continuously inhabited by humans for a period lasting 5,000 years! 

woman explores the Acropolis in Athens

With such an impressive history of human habitation, it’s no wonder that many Athens Greece tourist attractions have incredible stories and unmatched historic significance. Read on to learn more about the ancient sites on this Athens tourist attractions map.


The Acropolis is one of the most noteworthy destinations on this map of tourist attractions in Athens Greece. It is the most complete ancient Greek monument complex in existence. The word acropolis comes from “acro” meaning highest point and “polis” meaning city.

The Acropolis was a city on a hill, a fortification. Many of the ruins you’ll see at the Acropolis were built around the 5th Century BC. They were built in honor of the Athenian’s victory over the Persians at that time. 

woman looks over heatre of Herodes Atticus 

The Acropolis is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. So, visiting the Acropolis is one of the unforgettable things to do in Athens Greece. Many of the important historical places in Athens are found here. Most notably, be sure to check out the Theatre of Dionysus, Theatre of Herodes Atticus, Temple to Athena Nike, Parthenon, and the Acropolis Museum. 

The Parthenon is located on top of the hill. You’ll pass by a few other important places on this Athens attractions map while you climb to reach it. 

Theatre of Dionysus

Pay attention to the Theatre of Dionysus. It’s one of the important Athens tourist destinations. This is the earliest theatre on record, and it’s considered the birthplace of modern theatre. Plays were performed for celebration and entertainment. During its time, it could accommodate some 17,000 spectators! 

The theatre evolved over centuries, and much of what has been restored comes from Roman times. As only some sections have been restored, you can imagine that it was larger in its day. It was dedicated to the god Dionysus who presided over wine, partying, and debauchery. If you are a drama lover, visiting the Theatre of Dionysus is one of the things you must do in Athens Greece. 

Theatre of Herodes Atticus 

The Theatre of Herodes Atticus was built in 161 AD and hosted up to 5,000 spectators for music performances. Much of the original theatre was destroyed in 267 AD. Although, it was artfully restored in the 20th Century. 

heatre of Herodes Atticus in Athens

Learn about Greek mythology while touring Athens. 

It’s a must-see! Athens Festival takes place here every year. It’s considered a huge honor to have an opportunity to perform at this venue. The list of artists who have had the privilege includes Frank Sinatra, Sting, and Elton John. 


The Parthenon is a must-see in Athens. It was a formidable temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. It’s considered one of the most important surviving buildings of the ancient world, and it’s one of the important tourist sites in Athens. 

A  little-known fact about the Parthenon is that it was turned into a mosque in the 15th Century following the Ottoman Empire’s conquest over Greece. Unfortunately, the Ottomans also hid explosives here during the 18th Century, and enemy attacks by the Venetians accidentally ignited the explosives causing severe damage to the monument.


Check out this top-rated tour of the Acropolis historical site and museum. 

Thus, it was not inclement weather and natural forces that caused damage to many of Athens famous places – rather warring peoples and human intervention. 

Acropolis Museum

Visiting the Acropolis Museum is one of the top things to do in Athens. It’s a gorgeous modern museum featuring archeological discoveries from the Acropolis site. You’ll find it at the base of the Acropolis hill. There are over 4,000 unique objects on display at any time.

owl carved into stone, Acropolis Museum in Athens

The Parthenon Gallery, in particular, tells a troubling history. You’ll find a reconstruction of the Parthenon’s original cella with distinct pieces missing. They were hacked off violently, stolen from Greece, and currently displayed at the British Royal Museum. 

Roman Agora of Athens

Another unique archeological site on this city map of Athens is the Roman Agora. This is another one of the remarkable Athens attractions. It was the site of an open-air marketplace in the 1st Century AD. 

There was a large courtyard lined with shops and columns. There was a fountain and the famous Library of Hadrian was built nearby. At one time, this was the commercial and administrative heart of Athens. This is why it is one of the top things to see in Athens. 

woman at Roman Agora in Athens

Be sure to visit the Library of Hadrian. You’ll gawk over the massive Corinthian columns. The library was quite lavish. It had reading rooms, lecture halls, and a decorative pool. 

Much of the Roman Agora site was destroyed over the years following the Ottoman invasion

man outside Roman Agora at sunrise

Explore Plaka, Monastiraki and many ancient Greek sites by e-bike. 

The Ottoman Turks built houses, workshops, and mosques on top of the Roman Agora. One of such mosques is still in existence. The Fethiye Mosque is one of the unique tourist attractions in Athens – revealing a troubled history of sparring nations. You can easily identify the Fethiye Mosque from Monastiraki Square.

National Garden 

The National Garden is one of the best places to visit in Athens. It’s one of the interesting Athens sites because it is a massive green space where you can discover remnants of ancient history. 

Originally built as a royal garden for Queen Amalia in 1840, over 500 plants and animals were imported to give this garden prestige. Be sure to visit the duck pond and turtle ponds. 

woman stands near Zappeion Hall in the National Garden in Athens

Later in 1878, Zappeion Hall was built in the Neoclassical style. The property was used as an Olympic village in the 1896 summer games. Be sure to walk by Zappeion Hall, it’s a stunning building and one of the Athens top attractions.

Turtles in National Garden of Athens

Temple of the Olympian Zeus

At the National Garden, you can view the Temple of the Olympian Zeus and the Arch of Hadrian. Work on the Temple of Olympian Zeus started in the 6th Century BC but wasn’t completed until the 2nd Century AD. It lay largely untouched for over 300 years! 

After its completion, it was considered one of the largest temples of ancient Greece. It had 104 imposing columns (of which only 15 remain standing today). In Greek mythology, Zeus was considered the ruler of the sky and father to all gods and people.

Arch of Hadrian

While visiting the National Garden, you must check out the Arch of Hadrian. This is one of the more instagrammable attractions in Athens Greece. Be sure to snap a photo under the arch.

It is believed that the arch was built to commemorate the arrival of Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd Century AD. 

woman stands in front of Arch of Hadrian in Athens at dusk

Join a sunset bike tour through Athens.

The monument was made of marble sourced at Mount Pentelicus. This is the same marble that was used to build the Parthenon. The arch was positioned above an ancient road that lead from the Acropolis towards the Athenian Agora or marketplace. 

Panathenaic Stadium

While visiting the National Garden, be sure to check out the Panathenaic Stadium. It’s one of the best things to do. Athens Panathenaic Stadium is right across the street from the National GardenPanathenaic Stadium

Feel like an Olympian. Join a work out class at the Panathenaic Stadium.

The stadium was originally built in 330 BC to host athletic events like wrestling and chariot racing. It was painstakingly rebuilt in 1896 in honor of the Olympic games. The Panathenaic Stadium is the only arena in the world built entirely of marble. It’s a really spectacular place to explore. Climb to the top, and you’ll catch a glimpse of the Acropolis and Mt Lycabettus

Stoa of Attalos, Museum of Ancient Agora

This is one of the most unique ancient Greek sites in Athens. Places to visit from 159 BC aren’t typically this put together. The building was reconstructed in the 20th Century. Inside, you’ll find the Museum of the Ancient Agora. 

Stoa of Attalos, Museum of Ancient Agora

Visit the Agora and Acropolis sites with a small group. 

The Museum of the Ancient Agora is one of the often missed tourist attractions in Athens Greece. It features the archeological findings of the Agora site. There are remnants from as far back as the Stone Age. There are also unique artifacts about the history of democracy. You’ll discover bronze objects, sculptures, jewelry, coins, and pottery. It’s one of the best museums in Athens Greece. Top attractions in Athens like the Museum of the Ancient Agora offer relief from the hot, mid-day August sun


Visiting Delphi is one of the most unforgettable things to do near Athens Greece. Delphi isn’t technically one of the attractions in Athens. It’s a 3-hour drive outside of the city. Although, it’s certainly worth your time.

Delphi is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it’s considered one of the wonders of the ancient world. To the ancient Greeks, this was the center of the world. Rulers, politicians, and other elites traveled from far and wide to visit the Delphi. 

town near Delphi in Greece, mountains

Take a day trip to Dephi from Athens. 

Delphi was the seat of the ancient oracle who foretold prophecies and influenced many important events in history. Today, you can explore the massive monument complex and learn more about the unbelievably advanced society that took place here. Also, be sure to check out the Delphi Museum. 

mountain views near archeological site at delphi in Greece

Near the monument is a small town with shops and restaurants. The town and complex sits on a breathtaking piece of land overlooking mountains and valleys. The drive to Delphi is something you won’t forget! While it’s not technically one of Athens sights, it’s well worth visiting. 

If you drive to Delphi, be sure to sure to visit Samartzis Estate Wines for a tour and tasting.

Scenic Places

Besides archaeological sites, you’ll find many other scenic places on this tourist map of Athens Greece. Exploring cute neighborhoods and panoramic viewpoints is one of the fun things to do in Athens. 

You’ll find shopping, dining, and entertainment in Athens neighborhoods like Plaka and Anadiotika. The most spectacular 360° views of Athens are at Areopagus Hill and Mt Lycabettus. 


Check out the Plaka neighborhood on this map of Athens Greece. It’s one of the historic neighborhoods. It’s also called the ‘neighborhood of the Gods’ since it is adjacent to the Acropolis and other archaeological complexes. You’ll find many other tourist places in Athens near Plaka.

Plaka in Athens

Plaka’s tiny, winding, cobblestone streets and Neoclassical-style buildings are sights to see in Athens. This neighborhood was built around the ruins of the ancient Agora of Athens (the Greek, not Roman one). 

Plaka is one of the must-see places in Athens. It’s also one of the best places to go shopping. You’ll find jewelry shops, marble distributors, fashion boutiques, and leather goods stores. A marble statue makes a fabulous souvenir and stylish addition to your home

Plaka neighborhood in Athens

Besides Athens sightseeing, you’ll also be able to enjoy drinking and dining in Plaka. Brettos is one of the oldest bars in the city. The Pantheon Bakery is a great place to try a traditional Greek Pie. 


The Anafiotika neighborhood is another epic spot on this touristic map of Athens. It’s a tiny subsection of Plaka, and one of the nicest Athens sights to see. Anafiotika is located on the northeast subsection of the Acropolis hillside. 

The name ‘Anafiotika’ comes from the 19th Century when the Bavarian King Otto ruled Greece. He commissioned builders from the island Anafi to come to Athens and build his palace. In the 20th Century, part of the neighborhood was destroyed to make way for archaeological excavations. 

views of acropolis from neighborhood of Anafiotika

While this is one of the iconic places to go in Athens,  only about 40 houses remain in Anafiotika. Over the years, the government has bought more and more property for research purposes. The most distinct feature of the neighborhood is that it was built in the traditional Cycladic architectural style

Getting to appreciate Cycladic architecture is one of the top things to do in Athens Greece. Cycladic architecture is marked by white cubic houses with flat roofs. Many of these houses face the Southeast to take advantage of the sun. The thick walls protect from dry heat and harsh winds. 

Many homeowners take gardening seriously. If you awake early enough, you’ll spot the locals watering their lush flowers. Anafiotika is one of the most romantic Athens Greece tourist spots. One of the most romantic restaurants in Anafiotika is Psaras Tavern

Areopagus Hill

Areopagus Hill is of the Athens must-see attractions. It’s one of the most popular sunset spots on this walking map of Athens. The Areopagus hill is a collection of rocks just northwest of the Acropolis. 

The name Areopagus comes from ancient times – perhaps as early as the 5th Century BC. The ancient Athenians had official meetings and tried cases on this hill, especially judicial matters about homicide and religious matters. 

couple on Areopagus Hill at sunset

In legends, the Gods also used this spot for court proceedings. Ares, the God of War, was said to have been tried at Areopagus Hill for the murder of Poseidon’s son. 

sunset from Areopagus Hill in Athens

Areopagus Hill is an Athens must-see! From the top of Areopagus Hill, you’ll discover some of the most spectacular 360° views of the city. It’s one of the unforgettable things to see. Athens Ancient Agora is just below, and you can also spot the Byzantine church of Aigoi Apostoloi, the Temple of Hephaestus, and (more impressively) the Parthenon

The Areopagus Hill is one of the top attractions in Athens Greece that isn’t overrated. Don’t miss this! 

Mount Lycabettus

Mount Lycabettus is another one of the scenic places on this Athens tourist map with attractions. The top of Mt. Lycabettus sits at 900 ft in elevation. The hike to the top can be somewhat strenuous, but the views are well worth it!

The hike is just under a mile long, but steep. The hike takes you down a scenic winding path that features local wildflowers. If you prefer not to walk, you can easily hail a taxi to drive you to the top. Alternatively, you can take a small tram to the top. Although, it travels through the hill, so there aren’t any scenic views from the tram.

Mount Lycabettus

Once you reach the top of Mt Lycabettus, you’ll quickly realize why this is one of the top tourist attractions in Athens. The best time to visit is just before sunset. You’ll be able to gaze out across the horizon and see the Acropolis monuments lit up beautifully. 

At the top, you can also visit St. George Church – another Athens tourist attraction. St. George Church has a really neat viewing platform that you can visit. They also have a cafe that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Be sure to make reservations in advance if you want to dine at the upscale Orizontes restaurant. 

Cultural Sites

There are several more attractions worth your time on this map of Athens tourist sites. Witnessing the changing of the guard at the Monument to the Unknown Soldier, or shopping at the Monastiraki Flea Market are important things to do in Athens. 

Food is another important way to experience the culture of Greece. Attractions in Athens like the Varvakios Central Market are typically visited during local cooking classes. Consider booking a cooking class in Athens for a more memorable foodie experience. There are a few culinary schools on this map of tourist attractions in Athens Greece. 

couple at A is for Athens rooftop

Monastiraki Square and Flea Market

Monastiraki Square and the Monastiraki Flea Market are popular places in Athens. This is where many locals and tourists gather to hang out, shop, and people watch. You’ll see that many of the rooftop bars on our Athens City map are centered around Monastiraki SquareMonastiraki Square in Athens, areal view

One of the most impressive things to see in Athens is Monastiraki Square from a rooftop bar. Your options include A is for Athens, 360 Cocktail Bar, and Anglais Athens. Having a glass of Greek wine while overlooking the sprawling city is one of the activities in Athens that you won’t want to miss!

bathroom vanity with marble sculpture of Diana, goddess of the hunt

We brought back this sculpture of Diana, goddess of the hunt. She looks great in our master bath!

Afterward, wander through the Monastiraki Flea Market. It’s one of the most popular Athens tourist spots. It’s not really a ‘flea market,’ since brand new goods are sold. This is the best place to find souvenirs! You can find jewelry, pottery, marble statues, and other neat trinkets. 

Monument to the Unknown Soldier 

The Monument to the Unknown Soldier is another important spot on our tourist map of Athens city. It is an empty tomb that is dedicated to the Greek soldiers killed during war. Specifically, it honors the soldiers that fought in Greece’s War of Independence or the Greek Revolution.

The Greek Revolution took place between 1821 to 1829 when the Greeks revolted against the Ottoman Turks. Before this time, the Ottomans occupied Greece for about 400 years. As you explore the sights in Athens, you’ll see that many of them have been shaped by the history of the Ottoman occupation. The best example of this is the Parthenon which was damaged and significantly influenced by this conflict. 

Changing of the guard in Athens

The Monument to the Unknown Soldier is located in Syntagma Square. It’s one of the recommended places to visit in Athens Greece. The design of the monument is inspired by Art Deco.

Be sure to visit the Monument to the Unknown Soldier when you can view the changing of the guard. Changing of the guard takes place every Sunday at 11 AM. Watching this ritual is one of the best things to do in Athens Greece. The soldiers are a special branch of the Hellenic army called Tsoliades. They are important symbols of bravery for the Greek community. 

Varvakios Central Municipal Market

The Varvakios Central Market is one of the unconventional Athens Greece sites. It’s one of the Athens Greece attractions that you will likely visit if you are taking a cooking class

The Greek Kitchen offers one of the top cooking classes in Athens. It’s down the street from the Varvakios Central Market. If you take a class at the Greek Kitchen, you’ll enjoy a guided experience through the Varvakios Market. 

olives on sale in Greece near Varvakios Central Municipal Market

Book a cooking class with rooftop views in Athens. 

Varvakios market is where locals shop for locally-grown produce, artisan meats, and fresh-caught fish. This is one of the lesser-known places to experience sightseeing in Greece. Taking a cooking class is one of the fun things to do in Athens Greece. Learn how to make regional favorites like spanakopita, dolmades, and tzatziki. 

Athens tourist map pintourist map of athens pin

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